Oligo Search Options

Oligo software performs a variety of searches on your DNA/RNA sequence files. Some of them, such as the search for hairpin loops and palindromes are initiated automatically as you load a new sequence file, and displayed in the Sequence window. The most complex searches, however, require your input. It could be only minimal - just choose the search kind (searching for probes, primers, siRNA etc.) or involved - you may choose or eliminate certain sub-searches and even define importance of search criteria. Besides the search for primers Oligo is useful in finding restriction enzymes sites. Click on the links below for more detailed information about various search types.

• Primers & Probes:
_______ Selecting the Search Type
_______ Setting the Search Ranges
_______ General Parameters
_______ Sequence Constraints
_______ Search Constraints
______ _User - Controlled Scoring System
_______ Batch Processing
Sequence String
Restriction Sites in DNA and Protein